Feast New Development Marketing

We Establish

  1. We analyze and identify the most intelligent combination of residential units, exterior aesthetics, and amenity choices for the building.
  2. We provide expert suggestions on the most suitable architects and interior designers for each project.
  3. We offer guidance on partnering with brands, building management consultants, and selecting amenity and service providers.
  4. We work closely with the architect and developer to develop a comprehensive design that optimizes the value per unit area, while incorporating the most desirable features and preferences of prospective buyers.

We Publicize

  1. We help you put together a great team to promote your brand. Our team includes experts in branding, marketing, public relations, visuals, staging, and event planning. Our main goal is to find the right people who can represent your brand well and attract customers.
  2. We take on the important task of creating your brand’s identity, visuals, marketing materials, ads, interactive content, and promotional items. These things are all designed to make a strong connection with potential buyers and appeal to a wider audience. This work is very important because it can greatly influence the success of your project.
  3. Throughout the project, we carefully plan and manage your marketing and sales budgets. We make sure the budgets are realistic and fit your specific needs. Our approach is innovative, so we use the money in a way that gets the most exposure and produces the best results.
  4. We handle all the communication with the press and use social media and advertising strategies to promote your brand. We also organize events that match and reinforce your brand. By doing all of this together, we can effectively reach and engage with your target buyers to sell.

We Sell

  1.  Showcasing the models: We suggest the most suitable homes to display to potential buyers and take care of setting up and presenting them in an appealing way.
  2. Training our team: We have experts in real estate and make sure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to assist customers effectively.
  3. Selling until the end: Our goal is to sell all the units in the building, from start to finish, ensuring a successful completion of the sales process.